DKK 1,875.00 (including 25% moms)

1:1 Session with Laura Loop (50 min)

DKK 6,000.00 (including 25% moms)

Structure Your Business for Effortless Growth   

Dream big, but build bigger with a killer backend system that elevates your business.

DKK 4,500.00 (including 25% moms)

Overwhelmed and feeling burned out by your business?

Enter: The Empowered CEO. This is not a money making program, it’s so much more – this is about who you be, as the CEO of a succesful business.
In this 8-module program I’ll teach you exactly how you define the person you desire to be in your business, and then I’ll teach you; How to run a business like a CEO.

I am sure you are amazing at the service you provide in your business, but do you even know how to run it?
In this program we dive deep into the emotional intelligence needed to be a succesful and empowered CEO.
Gone are the days where a clients’ missing payment send you into panic mode, or when “to little” likes ruins your days.

DKK 111.00 (including 25% moms)

The Power of YOU - The digital journal is a self assessment journal. 

It will support you in seeing the immense power which you already hold - exactly as you are. 

The power of YOU journal magnifies your power, it supports you in setting tangible goals & an action plan ti achieve them. The journal is designed for you to journal for 28 days.

The Journal provides: 

  • 2 x Life Audits (one as you start your journaling and one as you finish the journal)
  • 28 Days of Journaling with 6 Daily Prompts
  • Lots of Extra Pages to Let Your Heart Speak 
  • 28 Empowering Affirmations 
  • 5 Goal Setting Exercises 

After completing this journal you'll experience; 

  • Through the ROOF Confidence in Yourself!
  • Immense Gratitude for Your Life & Your Future 
  • Being Crystal Clear on Your Goals & Dreams


What will happen in the next year?

DKK 750.00 (including 25% moms)

An Energetic Forecast is a sneak peak into what's going to happen in the next year. 

Using numerology we can dive into your upcoming year and see, what energies you'll meet - and what that will mean in your life. 

The Energetic Forecast is an invaluable tool in running your business as you can see;

  • When you are high in energy - so when to launch and when to sell evergreen offers
  • How to take care of you
  • What themes you'll benefit from focusing on (self care, relationships, communication, growth)

It's basically your own personal cheat sheet to boost your business & your manifestations! 

A Digital Print of the Energy of Your Wedding Day!

DKK 370.00 (including 25% moms)

The Most Unique Wedding Present Ever!

A print uniquely created for your (or your favorite human's!) big day! 

The Wedding Print is a digital print created using numerology. The date's energy is interpreted and written out in easy-to-understand wording, providing the newly married couple with a beautiful memory from their big day. 

Every print is costume made and will take up to 14 business days to be delivered. 

The print is created in 13x18cm. 

DKK 370.00 (including 25% moms)

The Most Personal Gift You'll Ever Give!

The unique gift you'll ever gift your loved ones. 

Looking for the PERFECT gift for

  • A New Born Baby 
  • Friend who Changed Their Name (show your support!) 
  • Your Spiritual Family Member
  • Your Witchy Bestie 
DKK 250.00 (including 25% moms)
  • Weekly LIVE Power Activations 
  • Community - meet your next business bestie 
  • Monday Intention settings
  • Friday Celebrations 
  • #MonthlyLeader Winner every month
DKK 7,500.00 (including 25% moms)